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The Boiler House Review By Koyal Restaurant Group Raj Kumar


Boiler House Review by Koyal Restaurant Group Raj Kumar

Boiler House Review by Koyal Restaurant Group Raj Kumar

According to the Toronto Star, “Great food, great jazz and
incredible atmosphere!!  Great place to
spend time your significant other.” 
While said, “…one of the finest overall dining
experiences I’ve ever had.  I
tip my hat to you, Boiler room restaurant House!”

Boiler House is located inside Toronto's Historic Distillery District at 18
Tank House Lane
, about 150 feet from the movie-famous iron gates.  Its location was one of the reasons why I
love this place.

I started this review with in a very confident way as the
Toronto and were also very confident in saying that the place
is really great. I
have a lot to say about The Boiler House and most of them are in their favor
.  At first it wasn’t exactly the best dining I
prefer but maybe subconsciously I fell in love with the place when I started
going there frequently, I schedule meetings there more often and dine there for
no reason at all. Not only me but this place is actually the number one stop, a
meeting, dining, and party destination.

I just love the feel and the vibe of the place, the
atmosphere was very welcoming.  There are
a lot of things going on in this place but it was never tiring in the
eyes.  There is this towering 22-foot
wine rack, the jazz trio perched overhead, or the sultry projected image of a
woman seemingly emerging from the century old-brick walls.

I especially like the way the place was constructed, the raw
wooden beams and planks reclaimed from the original Gooderham and Worts
Distillery predominate - from the floors and booths to the massive bar and 25-foot
ceilings.  You can really feel its 100
years of existence.

Yes, this place has been existing for 100 years; according
to their official website, The Boiler House was the main source of energy for
The Distillery. The coal-fired boilers are now long gone but the energy remains
the same. This is where the Distillery's heart beats.

The site also says, Two "Gotham City" style,
heritage alcohol pasteurizing tanks perch up high, are left over from the
Distillery's days as Ontario's largest sprits exporter. Today they're beautiful
pieces of art and help set the tone of "cool industrial chic".

Another thing I like about this fine-dinning place is
because they leave you with many choices. 
You can choose an upstairs perch overlooking the popular bar, a table or
booth on the lower level, or one of the "snog booths", a
pedestal-style enclosure that frames a romantic dinner for two.  This is a very romantic and intimate place
for lovers and a perfect quiet place for meetings and businesses.

The Boiler House Review by Koyal Restaurant Group Raj Kumar

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Reviewer: naomicasper - - August 4, 2013
Subject: The Boiler House Review by Koyal Restaurant Group Raj Kumar
excellent post. fascinating reading. i’d be happy to have you submit your article links for any future postings such as these you feel might be useful for your readership.
Reviewer: adrielgarcia - - August 3, 2013
Subject: Raj Kumar Review The Boiler Room house
thank you for all the things learned from here and congratulations for the good work.
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